JAC117 – JTS Dead Center Pellets .30 Caliber 45.06 gr


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The JAC117 – JTS Dead Center airgun pellet is an extremely accurate big bore pellet with a domed head design. It is made with high quality and consistent weights, and comes in a .30 caliber with a 45.06 grain weight. It comes in a 100 count tin with a screw on lid and multi foam protection inside. Get the ultimate accuracy and power with the JAC117 JTS Dead Center airgun pellet!

  • .30 Caliber
  • Domed Head
  • 45.06 gr / 2.920 g
  • Unbridled Accuracy
  • 100 count tins
  • Screw on lid
  • Head Diameter – 7.62mm
  • Skirt Diameter – 7.75mm


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